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Bharani Story
Opened since 1949

Bharani was one of the first restaurants in Bangkok to serve western food.

Bharani was named after our mother, the daughter of Aphai Issarapakdi, a high-ranking official back in the reign of King Rama VII, who founded the restaurant. Now run by the third generation of the family and despite the passing time and new location in Soi 23, Bharani still preserves its charm and maintains its original home cooked food that our grandparents fell in love with.

With pink-lotus colored walls, dim lighting and wicker chairs, the new look of Bharani boasts a cheery ambiance that makes diners feel right at home. Adding to the nostalgic charm of the good old days are family photos, and old adding machine and colorful paintings that decorate the dining area.

For the food. Bharani continues to whip up scrumptious recipes that have been handed down through the generations. We recommend that you begin the meal with the Beef Taco Pizza Topped with minced beef, finely shredded cabbage and grated mozzarella, the tacos were hot and crisp. Made from the rich pulp of tomatoes, the accompanying salsa was tangy and refreshing with hints of cilantro and oregano. Next up is the Smoked Ham and Chili Salad. Thinly sliced smoked ham dressed with lime juice and chili peppers and serve over fresh lettuce is another choice of our recommendation. The chili salad goes very well with alcoholic drinks.

Bharani Story

Salted Beef Fried Rice is another dish you should try. The chef first fries the small pieces of salted beef in the oil and then uses the same oil to make the fried rice, giving the dish a flavorful taste and aroma. Then there's the Veal Curry. The mild spicy curry is appropriately rich with coconut milk, while the veal is truly tender - don't forget to soak the roti in the delicious curry.

In addition to Thai delicacies, Bharani also serves various western dishes that are cooked to please the Thai palate. Among the recommended items on the menu is the Bouillabaisse. Accompanied by two pieces of French bread, the Marseille-Style seafood stew was loaded with big New Zealand mussels, shrimps and chunky fish cubes and was fragrant with saffron - a good alternative for those looking for mellow soup rather than spicy curry

Our signature dish, however, is the Ox Tongue Stew. Slimmered in tangy and sweet sauce, large slices of ox tongue is exceptionally tender and literally melt in the mouth. It's nice either as a main course or an accompaniment to rice. After the meal, a choice of desserts including Ice Cream and Seasonal Fruit in Syrup is also available.

Our small eatery, Bharani is often packed with office workers during lunchtime. However, the staffs are ever-friendly and ready to provide punters with good service and helpful suggestions on the menu. It's a good idea to call and book a table first to ensure that you get to taste Bharani's traditional home cooking.

So do give us a try
and spread the words of our original and exceptional reputation.